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The Well, A contemplative space

Penuel Ridge Retreat Center

Penuel Ridge is a contemplative, interfaith retreat center near Nashville, Tennessee. Its name comes from the Genesis story of Jacob, who wrestled with God at a place called Penuel. Penuel Ridge offers sacred retreat space where you can be still long enough to hear your own voice and the voice of God, however you define it.


Mission Statement

We are a spiritual retreat center in Middle Tennessee, honoring our heritage and fostering values of contemplation, silence, hospitality, rest, social justice and communion with nature; nurturing the journey inward to strengthen the journey outward.


Our Heritage Statement

To call people apart in a natural setting, to encounter in deep ways the love of God, neighbor and self and to experience the integrity of all creation.



Open, airy room with large windows. Seating for twenty with large, plush sofas and hardback chairs.

Penuel Ridge has been welcoming groups for more than 30 years. We have a large Main Retreat House, room for camping, and a great separate building for group activities.


Small statue of figure kneeling in prayer, next to a candle and leafy plant by a window.

Penuel Ridge is a great place for individuals or couples to have a restorative retreat, quiet writing time, or deliberate relationship building. We have private spaces waiting just for your needs. 

Events, Updates, and More


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Upcoming Opportunities

The Way and Joy of the Painted Journal, led by Lisa Jennings

7.21.2024 10 am - 3 pm @ Penuel Ridge

Quenching a Deep Thirst...a Guided Silent Retreat

7.24.2024 10 am - 4 pm @ Penuel Ridge

The Way and Joy of the Painted Journal, led by Lisa Jennings

8.18.2024 10 am - 3 pm @ Penuel Ridge

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