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Penuel Ridge is a special place where a small group may withdraw for rest, renewal, and recharging, either for the day or overnight. Penuel Ridge can accommodate up to 18 people overnight, more if you choose a camping option.

Small groups may reserve our facilities for their own self-guided retreats. You can stay overnight, do your own cooking or have meals catered by a vendor of your choosing. A church staff, a group of officers, or a team of co-workers will find this a good spot for coming together to work or play.

Group rates are $75 per person per night. Day rates are also available.

Deposit (50%) is due when reservations are made; Balance is due 20 days prior to retreat date.

PLEASE NOTE: Our cancellation policy is outlined on the Accommodation Brochure, which can be viewed and/or downloaded via the link provided below.



Main Retreat House

The main retreat house has three bedrooms, a sleeping loft, one kitchen and one kitchenette, an open dining room and a main meeting room. It can sleep 16 people in twin beds. 

Dayspring Room

The Dayspring Room has space for large groups, up to 20 people, with comfortable seating on couches and chairs. It also features a birdwatching nook.

Open Kitchen and Dining Room

The kitchen is fully stocked with everything you need to prepare meals. There is plenty of pantry space for food, and generous counter space allows shared meal preparation.


There are two main bedrooms upstairs with five beds total. A large bathroom is in between the rooms and the whole area is accessed off the dining room.

Downstairs Suite

The downstairs suite features a bedroom with four beds, a sitting room, a kitchenette, and a separate bathroom. 

Sleeping Loft

The sleeping loft adds seven more beds. Accessed from an open stairway from the main dining room, it is great for larger groups.

Decks and Patios

The house features an open side deck, a covered smaller side deck, and a backyard patio, all with plenty of seating.

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The Well

The Well is Penuel Ridge's defining structure. One of the first buildings in Tennessee made using straw bale construction, The Well provides a serene space for prayer, contemplation, meditation, yoga, and music. It is always quiet, always comfortable, and always available.

The Well

The Well is situated in our central meadow and surrounded by beautiful flowers and sculptures.


It is hard to describe the inside of the Well. Pictures do not capture the serenity that infuses the space.

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The Dorothy Day Cottage

The Dorothy Day cottage is a rustic two-bedroom dwelling located near the main house. It can be reserved as part of a group and is a perfect place to be separate yet convenient. It can sleep two people in two twin beds.

The Cottage

The Dorothy Day cottage is situated near the main retreat house and is surrounded by beauty.


Two rooms, a kitchenette and a half bath makes this a cozy space for one or two.

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Outdoor Spaces

Penuel Ridge is blessed by natural beauty. Over 135 acres of unspoiled meadows, lakes, and forests to sooth your soul


The 11 circuit labyrinth is a great way to slow down and focus.

Fire Pit and Meadow

The meadow is a great place for outdoor activities, a nice bonfire, or a picnic.


Both the Lake Trail and the Ridge Trail offer solitude, beauty, and exercise.

Lake Joyce

A place to find birds, turtles, fish and peace. Beautiful in every season.


There is room in our meadow for tents and RVs. No hookups are available, but it provides a wonderful opportunity for camping with the benefit of indoor plumbing in the main retreat house.

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“…a hidden treasure just outside of Nashville. We especially enjoyed being outside. Thanks for maintaining such a hospitable and beautiful space.”

“I felt so cared for and supported
to do the “work” I came to do.”

“I love the peace & quiet here. I feel loved and wanted here.
Thank you so very much.”

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